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A family-owned business retailing specialty products to Australia and the world

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Based in Sydney, SAMBAC Pty Limited is a small company owned by husband and wife team, Steve & Annmaree McGuirk. The name was derived using the first initial of each person in the family.

The company was started in 2003 to support the introduction of our first trading business, Lefty’s Left Handed Products. This has grown to become the largest supplier of specialty left-handed products in Australasia.

The launch of MyBrush in 2016 was an exciting extension of our long business relationship with KUM in Germany. We closed this business in June 2019 so that we could focus on Lefty’s.

For further information, feel free to email us at enquiries‘at’ (replace ‘at’ with the @sign in the email address before sending).

SAMBAC Pty Limited
ACN 103 682 006
ABN 60 103 682 006

PO Box 4247
Marayong NSW 2147

+61 (0)2 9676 7215

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